About Josh

Joshua De Silva, guitarist and vocalist, brings the unique sounds of his finger-style guitar playing and raw vocals to the Perth music scene.

He adds a fresh, creative perspective to contemporary hits and classics, drawing from a diverse pool of musical knowledge gathered while completing his jazz degree at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

During his post graduate studies, Josh pursued an innovative technique (pioneered by Charlie Hunter) enabling him to simultaneously play guitar and bass parts on one guitar. In addition to his classical guitar training, this forms the backbone of Josh’s technique, adding an extra dimension to his sound.

He is also an experienced vocalist, having performed on television overseas from the tender age of seven. He has developed a coordination between his mellow vocals and intricate guitar accompaniment that allows him to produce both self-sufficient and meaningful music.

Additionally, Josh performs at gigs around Perth as part of a brother-sister duo “Mariah & Josh.” Their repertoire ranges from from soft jazz to even uptempo dance numbers. Together, their guitar, drums and vocals give the sound of an entire band.

Whether playing expressive solo guitar instrumentals, or giving soulful vocals, Josh always brings meaning to his music and connects with his audience.

Awards & Accomplishments:

  • First Class Thesis “A stylistic analysis of Recess performed by Charlie Hunter from the DVD Right Now Live,” 2015
  • Bachelor of Music Upper Second Class Honours, West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, 2015
  • Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance), West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, 2014
  • Golden Key International Honour Society Membership (in recognition of students in the top 15% of their studies), 2014
  • NYU Summer Jazz Improvisation Workshop, New York University (Prague), 2014
  • NYU Summer Jazz Improvisation Workshop, New York University (New York), 2013